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This space dedicated to the series of CAMINAR documents brings together the results of the first field work carried out in the Latin American countries that make up our scientific group. The study was conducted between July and September 2020 with the aim of assessing how migrant and refugee populations were affected by the COVID19 pandemic, and to what degree the institutional responses adopted contemplated these populations. The editorial series of Working Documents disseminates in each of its issues the particularities of the case-country studies. These and other publications of our group are supported by the FORD/LASA Special Projects [Grant # FL-15-01].


W.P. CAMINAR # 05 / April 2022

Bengochea, Julieta

Cabezas, Gabriela

Gandini, Luciana

Herrera, Gioconda

Luzes, Marta

Montiel, Camila

Prieto Rosas, Victoria

Vera Espinoza, Marcia

Zapata, Gisela


W.P. CAMINAR # 02 / August 2021

Blouin, Cécile

Palla, Irene

Zamora, Cristina

Ruiz, Yasmine

Brasil WorkingPapers-04.jpg

W.P. CAMINAR # 04 / November 2021

Zapata, Giselle
Moulin, Caroline


W.P. CAMINAR # 01 / Junio 2021

Prieto Rosas, Victoria

Montiel, Camila

Bengochea, Julieta
Dutra, Delia


W.P. CAMINAR # 03 / September 2021

López, Stéphanie

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